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Monday, July 13, 2009

Down syndrome in Santiago

I have been a long time advocate for individuals with disabilities. My young adult son joins me on this trip. Andy has Down syndrome. I've only been in the country for one week. I've noticed curb cuts on the corners, but many of the paths in my upper middle class neighborhood do not allow easy access for people who use wheel chairs. I've encountered mostly elderly people taking an afternoon stroll pushed by their maids. The malls appear rather accommodating, though some of the smaller stores still lack wide pathways.

I looked on line for information on life for individuals with disabilities while in the USA but could not find anything regarding individuals with intellectual disabilities. I wonder if that is a result of searching on USA's Google as I have finally found some sources here while online through Chile's internet connections. Doing a search once again but here in Chile proves to be a bit more fruitful.

Curious happenstances: our head doorman shares he's an uncle to a young lady with DS. Next we bump into a retired Administrator of a Special Education school in Chile who resides in our building. Now I'm set with a couple of addresses and contacts.

I will be building up links and connections as I continue my stay here.

Resources via Google.cl web
National Down Syndrome Congress
Diversity Outreach Resource Coordinator
National Down Syndrome Congress
1370 Center Drive, Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30338

Inclusion International
Mr. Enrique Norambuena, President
Physical Address:
Av. Manuel Montt 2051, Providencia, Santiago
Region: Inclusion Interamericana
Country: Chile
Tel: (56-2) 2055990
Fax: (56-2) 2256731
E-mail: sitiodiscapacidad@adsl.tie.cl

Corporación de Ayuda al NiÒo Limitado (COANIL)
Coanil is a foundation of private and nonprofit, which we welcome and educate children and adults with intellectual disabilities throughout the country. Through our centers, we deliver the tools to integrate them into a society in which they are also actors. Our main motivation is to encourage the full potential of each of the people who come to our centers to provide in this way to experience a quantum leap in their quality of life and his self.
[Last updated Tuesday, March 6, 2007]
Contact Name: Sr. Ricardo Gutiérrez Gatica, Presidente
Physical Address:
Sede Central, Julio Prado 1761 Ñuñoa. Santiago
Region: Inclusion Interamericana
Country: Chile
Tel: +56-2-4768500
Fax: +56-2-2255314
E-mail: comunicaciones@coanil.cl
Website: http://www.coanil.cl

Fundación Crescendo
Crescendo is a Foundation initiative that is taking from "The Hope" which was the establishment of a home and a workshop for adults with intellectual disabilities and multiple disabilities for nearly 6 years. We had and we believe that what these people need is not just a shelter where they spend most of their day, but also a place in which to generate and strengthen the links between them, where to learn to respect, support, love and understand the meaning of progress in community building and, together with the personal growth of each.
Director: Shana Harrison: http://tinyurl.com/Shana-Harrison


Centro Down de Viña del Mar (SENDAS)
12 Norte 934
Viña del Mar, Chile
56 32 297 5542
Michelle Abbot
E-mail: sendasdownchile@yahoo.com

Corporación de Educación y Salud para Niños con Síndrome de Down (EDUDOWN)
San Martín 405.
San Bernardo, Chile
56 02 856 3830
Andrea Miranda
E-mail: contacto@edudown.cl

Chilean Foundation for Down syndrome
Fundación Complementa Síndrome de Down
San Enrique 14470
Lo Barnechea, Chile
56 2 217 5751
E-mail: complementa@complementa.cl
Is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating the inclusion of porsonas with Down syndrome or similar educational challenges.
It is a foundation that brings together moms and dads who work in conjunction with an interdisciplinary group of professionals.
Las Verbenas 8935,
Las Condes.
Fono / Fax: 2116404

Chilean Foundation for Down syndrome, complement, is a private nonprofit created by a group of parents in December 1991 with the purpose of conducting an educational project for people with Down Syndrome and their families.

The fundamental objective of supplements is to develop an individual plan of life to enhance and develop their skills, psycho-emotional aspects, intellectual and motor skills to express their full potential.

Through educational programs and the establishment of a close relationship with parents, are expected to maximize their independence, personal development and a good family and social integration as smooth as possible.

Sueño y Esperanza Down
Avenida Granadero # 4315
Villa Ayquina
Calama -II Región-Chile
56 55 338 528
Leticia Gallardo
E-mail: agrupacion_down@hotmail.com

Up is Down
56 4737 1100
E-mail: downisup@fibertel.com.ar

Futuro 21. La Nueva Generación
Salas 563
Concepción, Chile
56 41 317 6635
Ximena Rocco
Email: contacto@futuro21.cl

Exceptional Foundation
This foundation emerged in 2000, the eaves of three marriages, parents of children with Down syndrome, to facilitate the process of inclusion of people with this condition or educational difficulties similar in both families and schools.
See: Lanza Web de Niños con Síndrome de Down

Corp Educacion Y Salud Para El Sindrome De Down
Calle Gral Del Canto, 105, Of 706 Santiago
Providencia, Santiago
(0)2 235 3


  1. Well, Dr. Martinez, glad to see all family members made it to Chile in one piece, including Samson, and that you are enjoying beautiful views, reflective moments and opportunities to explore.... we miss you here and are glad to see your posts. Include more pictures!! :) Take care, Sharon