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Monday, July 13, 2009

Stray Dogs in Chile

One of the very curious things about Chile is the stray dog problem. They are all over the region, in the parks, on the streets, hanging out with the vendors. Each waiting to catch the eye of a passer-by as though to say, "Perhaps that one would be kind enough to offer food, this one will give a smile, will he pet me or maybe give me a home?" They are really incredible animals. While some are very ragged, others look as though they may be trying out to be the next Tramp in a Disney casting call. Most seem sweet and loving, just minding their own business.
I saw my first one on the way in from the airport, stranded on a freeway overpass hugging the flyover's wall hoping not to be hit by our car or those behind us. Most seem to have street smarts. They even seem to know to wait for the green light before crossing city streets. They are curious about Sam when I walk him on the streets yet have not bothered him or acted aggressively towards him. But to be safe I pick him up when we walk near any of them.

They remain pack animals. However, curiously enough they form packs not within their species, but rather within the mobs of people moving down the busy city walkways. One dog managed to catch our eye while I was walking one morning with new found friends. We were quite a pack ourselves, five of us expat ladies walking the neighborhood in the morning rush hour trying to learn more of our new surroundings. The dog fell right in step and remained with us the whole hour of our morning jaunt. When we returned back to our starting point it was apparent we would return to our homes --without him. The dog's look when he realized he would not receive a handout or a home resembled the look given so often by homeless men I've passed on the streets of the USA when it becomes apparent that there will be no money for their cups this time.


Save the strays http://www.iachile.com/what-is-save-the-strays/


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  1. They need to get rid of the stray dogs.