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Thursday, February 25, 2010

License? We Don't Need No Stinking License to Tour Puerto Varas

Jorge, Andy and I hopped into our rented car  to take  a little jaunt around the lake to see the rest of the Llanquihue Lake region, of course with Jorge at the wheel.

Shortly we  came across the Colegio Aleman de Puerto Varas (German School) announcing enrollment for the school year beginning March 1:


The school began in 1904, though according to it's website, it's idea came to form December 1857 when 26 settlers from Germany in the region south of Lake Llanquihue, met with the aim of creating a school for their children.

As we traveled the road the wrapped around  Lake Llanquihue the little wisp of a cloud barely visible in the sunrise that morning was growing, softening the mountain's outline.


Opposite the lake were pastures and rolling hills leading up to more mountains.

But nothing could beat the lake views.

We headed eastwards along the road leading to the tiny town of Ensenada and passed by the lake's beaches:  Hermosa, Niklitscher, Punta Cabras and Poza Loreley. As we were about to enter Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park we were met with a Carbinero (Chilean Police) check-point.... and of course we were stopped.

It was then Jorge rethought and reevaluated his philosophy in life based on two of his favorite movies, Treasure of Sierra Madre...

...and Pirates of the Caribbean"Hang the code, and hang the rules. They're more like guidelines anyway!"

In this case, Jorge had forgotten to pack any of his driver's licenses (Virginia's license or International License) and he did not have a Chilean License yet. So now he faced his fate with the carbinero. Congenially, as any self-effacing tourist caught in a bind,  he explained to the policeman that he must have forgotten his license back at the hotel. Now we were in a dilemma, because the carbinero was not going to allow Jorge to drive the car without a license... Oh what to do?? Oh what to do??

That's when I popped up and said "Oh happy day!! I finally get to drive!!" holding up MY VALID VIRGINIA DRIVER'S LICENSE.  Tsk-tsking my machismo husband always insisting on driving, I assured the carbinero I knew how to drive a stick and was quite capable. As Jorge and I switched places I winked at the carbinero giggling now FINALLY I get to go where I WANT on this trip!!

Chuckling along with me he bid us a safe drive and reminded Jorge that I needed to drive the car now until he "locates" his license.

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  1. Greetings from Cyprus, enjoyed the blog, absolutly stunning Photographs, Regards