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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Omlette Making in Chile with Andy-Ole!

"How about omelets this morning?" asked Mr. Breakfast as he rolled out of bed mid-morning today. Jorge, my husband and frequent personal chef, has always been in charge of weekend omelet making in our home. In fact his wish for our first Christmas as newly weds was to have his own special omelet pan, much to the chagrin of his very traditional Spanish parents. Enlisting the aid of Andy to serve as his sous chef the two of them gathered the needed equipment and ingredients and began to create our traditional weekend fare.

How simply wonderful and NORMAL finally! It's been two weeks since the tremendous 8.8 earthquake in Chile. Jorge seems to have become more accustomed to the unending tremors and aftershocks by sleeping through them. Andy copes by sleeping on the couch. Kristina has started working her 20 days on and is already looking forward to her 10 days off. To have just another Saturday morning with omelets was bliss. What made it even more fantastic was Andy's spontaneous use of Spanish in the process. Yes those four years of Level One
Spanish DID pay off! We often had significant differences of opinions with the School District in our efforts to assure Andy would be included in his home school. In writing his Individual Education Plan (IEP) we insisted that speaking Spanish for Andy was an essential life skill- a language necessity for him and so would need to take Spanish first as a basic need and secondly to fulfill the high school curriculum requirements.

We started filming him as we discovered that he really DID know Spanish, and now just needed a cause to put it into good use.

Andy Counts Eggs:

Andy Breaks Eggs for the Omelet:

Learning the Equipment and Ingredients for Omelets

What Color Is That Bowl?


  1. Bacan! I am really enjoying reading through your blog. Started and the beginning and just can't tear myself away. I'm so happy to have found it. I used to teach in Santiago, and my husband is from Chile. We have been back in the States for ten years, now with a six year old son who has Ds. We would love to return someday soon, and I was searching for info on Down syndrome and perspectives in Chile. Your blog is a god-send! I can't believe I found just what i was looking for! Thank you!

    1. There is much changing- or at least beginning to change...and so very much more to do. Needed here are people- advocates- with the vision the all are deserving to be included in their community and a participating citizen. The fight continues and appears to be picking up steam for recognition of the rights of persons with disabilities and attitudes are changing to include visions of the possibilities and foreseeable futures. Chile needs new vision, new action. And how wonderful it is indeed to be linked globally to defuse information and new ideas. I hope that when you do return to Chile that your son will help lead the way.