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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And Alvaro Del Bosque finally mets his idols,

He had asked his father, coach, Vicente del Bo many times...
His father , coach , Vicente del Bosque, had promised if Spain did well in the World Cup, he would let him board the bus of champions. And yesterday , the technician met that commitment with Alvaro, his son, who has Down syndrome. The boy included in the celebrations was on the bus as a member of the team.  And even in the Moncloa Palace, surrounded by his idols and President Rodríguez Zapatero, he took the Jules Rimet Cup and lifted with a style that envied Iker Casillas.
Álvaro finally fulfilled his dream. He had asked many times to go to Salamanca.
He wanted to know Iniesta , Xavi , Cesc ... Footballers that all dream of being. However, Del Bosque, tanned man, respectful of the code that says that no one outside the group enters the locker room,  the sacred place, stopped him again and again. But the third of his sons, his greatest football fan, asked again, almost pleading. So long ago, had assured him that if they won the title he'd be on the bus.

And it happened. Alvaro, with a blue shirt, like the unforgettable Spanish team dressed in Sunday's game at Soccer City in Johannesburg, the dorsal six on the back and as a sign identifying Del Bosque, Madrid ran side by side/elbow to elbow with the new world champions.

His father, the coach discovered, not offended by it. With one eye following the celebration, and the other watching his son, the coach sat flattered with all the attention surrounding his son. Dream accomplished.  Finally.  After so many times asking Vicente. "I can not deny it. He is obsessed with getting on the bus and this time I'll have to skip the protocol to make your wish a reality, " he said. And he kept it. 

English translation written by Donna Martinez . See original story at: http://tinyurl.com/27t9t7f MUNDIAL SUDAFRICA 2010  Y Álvaro Del Bosque conoció, por fin, a sus ídolos
Se lo había pedido en múltiples ocasiones a su padre, el seleccionador, Vicente del Bosque

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