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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rosa's Law Is Signed! A Memorable Day in the History of People With Disabilities

Office of the Press Secretary
October 5, 2010

Statement by the Press Secretary

On Tuesday, October 05, 2010, the President signed into law:
S. 2781, the "Rosa's Law," which changes  references in many Federal statutes that currently refer to "mental retardation" to refer, instead, to "intellectual disability" 

Under the law, “mental retardation” and “mentally retarded” will be stripped from FEDERAL HEALTH, EDUCATION and LABOR POLICY. “Intellectual disability” and “individual with an intellectual disability” will be inserted in their place. The rights of individuals with disabilities will remain the same.

Rosa's Law  is named for Rosa Marcellino, a 9-year-old Maryland girl from Edgewater who lives with Down syndrome. Rosa worked with Maryland state legislators to pass legislation in the state last year.

"This has always been about so much more than just changing words or political correctness," she said in a statement. "It's about marking a new era where the dignity of people with intellectual disabilities is respected and their value appreciated." 
See: The Arc of US: http://www.thearc.org/page.aspx?pid=1910&storyid5118=377&ncs5118=3

The measure was introduced by Se
n. Barbara Mikulski, D-Md., who met Rosa's mother at a meeting on special education.

As a professional in the field of special education, an advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and a parent of a young man with an intellectual disability, this day will long be celebrated in our house.


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