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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chile springs forward into daylight savings time

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Did you wake up in time today?

Einstein said time is relative, but here in Chile it's whatever the president deems it to be. And he has declared today to be the first day of Daylight Savings Time (DST). In case you are not sure of time right now click here. Ideally everyone should have remembered to "spring forward" with their clocks; that is moved their clocks ahead one hour for today. The change in time is in response to the current Energy Crisis that is impacting the country. The Chilean government has announced a new end date for the DST period of 2010-2011 and a new start date for the DST period of 2011-2012. The new government announcement of DST information is found here: http://www.gob.cl/informa/2011/03/28/ministro-hinzpeter-anuncio-extension-de-horario-de-verano-en-el-pais.htm, with the official decree changing the DST dates in Chile was published by the government on the following site: http://www.horaoficial.cl/cambio.htm.

While this may save on cost of keeping the lights on a little longer, it will also cause a bit of confusion and trouble for awhile until we adjust to that which does not change and find fixes for the bugs this has created for our computers and phones. Here in Chile most everyone uses their cell phone's alarm application as their alarm clocks. However, cell phones do not automatically reset to the DST. This means anyone who set their phone to wake up on time today had to set their wake up call one hour earlier than they actually wanted to get up. They will have to continue to set their alarm application to wake them an hour earlier than their desired actual hour in order to wake up on time until there is a fix available for the various phone companies. Blackberry fixes can be found on this website, however it is in Spanish. If your iPhone is like mine, it also isn’t on the proper time after DST. Here’s a manual fix:

Manual Fix for iPhone Daylight Savings Time Bug
  1. Tap on “Settings”
  2. Tap to “General”
  3. Select “Date & Time”
  4. Switch “Set Automatically” to “OFF”
  5. Now Reboot the iPhone
  6. Go back through these settings and switch “Set Automatically” to ‘ON’
Following those instructions your iPhone should correct the time itself, but you may want to set a backup alarm tonight just in case the bug persists.

The clock on our TV cable box moved forward automatically, yet the cable TV shows remain scheduled for standard time. This means if you turn on the TV to find your favorite show at its usual time you will quickly discover you missed it by an hour.

The time change challenges Microsoft users as well. Teams at Microsoft have taken several steps to alert customers and partners about the changes in Chile. From Microsft's TechNet Blog:
Since the new date published by the government is different from what was defined in the previous years, Windows-based computers that are not updated with one of the recently released DST updates (2543367 or 2570791) will not correctly interpret the time that is related to the transition to daylight saving time.
In addition to Microsoft products, other software, OS releases and hardware (phones, routers, switches and managed devices) may require updates and/or changes.
The most recent cumulative time zone update is available for download now. The KB2570791 was published on August 9th of 2011. The KB will be available on Windows Update on August 23rd of 2011.
General recommendations
  • Install the cumulative update KB2570791 as soon as possible. This hotfix supersedes DST updates KB2543367, KB2443685 and KB2519231
  • This update DOES INCLUDE an update for the “UTC-04:00 Santiago” and it contains recent changes on several time zones around the world.
  • Please note that if you adjust the machine’s clock manually, you may have adverse effects on your environment. This procedure is not supported by Microsoft.
  • Contact Microsoft Support prior to any modification if you are unsure about the steps to follow in order to be prepared for the Daylight Saving Time change in Chile.
  • Microsoft product teams follow a semi-annual DST and TZ update schedule, which follows the Windows regular schedule for publishing newly legislated DST rules and time zone updates. These annual Windows "Cumulative Daylight Saving Time and Time Zone Updates" are released in December for each calendar year; a semi-annual update will be released in August/September, as needed. Microsoft products that are affected may also schedule updates to accommodate some of these changes. Some times “out-of-band” hotfixes are released to address important issues. The Microsoft Policy in Response to DST/TZ Requests can be found on the following article: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/dst_ms_response
Watching and recording your favorite TV shows will also be a challenge. While the clock in the Cable Box shows the correct time, the programming has not changed to reflect any time changes. That means in order to watch your favorite show you will have to turn the TV on an hour earlier than before.
If you will be moving about the globe and need to know if the country you are visiting also has DST be sure to visit http://www.worldtimezone.org/. This website includes a world map of all the time changes scheduled to date. Interestingly enough, a look at Chile indicates while DST has started today, there is NO indication as to when it will end. I guess we just need to see what the President will have to say about this.
If you are interested in learning  more about Daylight Savings Time click here.

What challenges have you faced with today's time change?

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