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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Attack of the killer eggs and veggies in Santiago

Beware the unpasteurized eggs in mayo and the unwashed vegetables & fruit
Photo © Donna Martinez, 2011

Just as we get ready for the great eat-a-thon known here as Fiestas Patrias, Dieciocho, or Independence Day from Spain, the announcement is made that hospital records indicate an increase of typhoid cases in the western area of  Santiago.  The San Juan de Dios hospital recorded most of the cases this year.

The Institute of Public Health- Instituto de Salud Pública (ISP), have issued repeated alerts for tougher hygiene checks and encourages people to adopt stricter  more hygiene measures. According to María Teresa Valenzuela, Director of the ISP, seven individuals have been diagnosed with typhoid in various hospitals throughout Santiago.

Individuals are strongly recommended to go to the doctor if they are experiencing symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, and headaches for an extended period of time.  In most cases the infection is caused by consumption of contaminated food and drink or fruit and vegetables grown in areas where contaminated water is used in irrigation.

This follows the 66 people (including my nana's grand daughter) who suffered gastro enteritis with 34 of them sent to the hospital suffering salmonella infection from consuming infected homemade mayo on their hot dogs (known as completos or completos italianos if they include a whopping dollop of guacamole).
Completo italiano
Image from the Wikimedia Commons.
As a result the Chilean health department has outlawed home made mayonnaise to be served at the asados (barbeques) this weekend . The restriction does not apply to places that make their homemade mayonnaise with pasteurized eggs such as the tourist and local favorite, Fuente Alemana restaurant chain.

In general - a world to the wise- please watch what you eat and wash all raw fruits and vegetables well before consuming.

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