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"I have to tell it again and again: I have no doctrine. I only point out something. I point out reality, I point out something in reality which has not or too little been seen. I take him who listens to me at his hand and lead him to the window. I push open the window and point outside. I have no doctrine, I carry on a dialogue." Martin Buber

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Visiting Cuba in Song: SANTO SOLAR tributa a BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB... al ritmo de cuba

Braving the bone chilling night air in Las Condes last night we walked down Apoquindo for an early supper at the new yummy Maldito Chef in the  buildings of the Las Condes Municipalidad.  We then hopped over to the escalator that took us down to the  Teatro Municipal Teatro Municipal where we were quickly warmed by the sizzling Cuban rhythms of SANTO SOLAR tributa a BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB... al ritmo de cub.

With Santo Solar's (Holy Solar) first notes we floated away to the steamy Caribbean shores of Havana on rhythms that kept time to swaying palm trees to have us magically arrive in our minds at the popular social club were musicians met and jammed during the golden era of 1940s Cuba.

Santo Solar's tribute to the Cuban music mirrors American guitarist Ry Cooder who in the late 1990s recorded with traditional Cuban musicians, some of whom were veterans who had performed at the club during the height of its popularity.

Snippets of Cooder's documentary of his experience played in the background while the band worked to keep the music a live today.

The show also included a duo dancing to the salsa and meringue songs dressed in costumes that were as hot as the sounds.

Listen to a sample from a previous concert of Santo Solar's Chan Chan that he played last night:

This fun song was taught to the audience. Took some doing by the group's lead singer. He jumped into the audience, sitting right behind us to encourage the audience to get their Cuban groove on. Took some cajoling. Could see who had Cuban in their blood, even if only for the night.

As a result of the evening Jorge and I dreamed of making a trip to the isle... Perhaps if/when he applies for his Spanish passport this may be a dream that can come true. For me, I'll have to see what research project I can join. Until then we have the memories and now the music downloaded to take us back in time and to the doorstep of the Buena Vista Social Club.