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"I have to tell it again and again: I have no doctrine. I only point out something. I point out reality, I point out something in reality which has not or too little been seen. I take him who listens to me at his hand and lead him to the window. I push open the window and point outside. I have no doctrine, I carry on a dialogue." Martin Buber

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A new blog highlighting our Vizsla, Natasha Rose

I've gone and done it! I started yet another blog, Natasha Rose Can D'Ijuma that chronicles our Maygar Vizsla's life with us and that of us with her in Santiago, Chile. It will be an informative blog as well as a record of her in our family.  I hope you join me there to learn about raising a Vizsla in Santiago, exhibiting her in the Kennel Club de Chile and her adventures hunting with Jorge.


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