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Friday, March 23, 2012

Linking to news in Santiago and all of Chile

What is an English speaking expat to do when unable to read or understand Spanish and you want to know  the news in Santiago and all of Chile? 

Below are resources for English speakers and readers to find out what is happening in town and all around. They are also wonderful opportunities for English as second language learners to practice their new language. For the most part all reporters for these publications and online news outlets rely on unpaid positions to fulfill its operating needs, though, paid opportunities may arise from time to time. They also also offer non-credit internships for the budding reporter on holiday in South America.

Santiago Times, an English news source for events in Chile, is widely available on newsstands and accessible online. They require paid registration though some articles are free for viewing online. The Santiago Times was founded in 1991 as the first English-language online newspaper in Chile. the independent newspaper's main product is The Santiago Times, a digital newspaper published online five times a week. They also publish print special editions an average of 2-3 times a year. The Santiago Times is a partner with the newspapers The Atacama Times, The Valparaíso Times and The Patagonia Times, the travel information site Chile information project sites, and Expats in Chile network. Their reporting team is also responsible for producing the English and Spanish editorial content published on their website, This is Chile

Revolver < http://www.revolverchile.com/ > is Chile's only English-language digital magazine devoted to the arts and entertainment scene. Revolver also serves as the official entertainment and events magazine for the Santiago Time

Another service of Santiago Times is the Chile Information Project Site.  Daily summary 12 months a year of political and economic news sourced from and attributed to local media. The site incorporates a growing amount of original investigative material and provides information on Travel, Doing Business, Living in Chile, Business Directory.

I Love Chile is another  all-English media source for expats, visitors and Chilean English learners. Their mission at I Love Chile is to promote English in Chile and Chile in English. Its reports are frequently volunteers interning in the business or people like me willing to post an article or two for the fun of it.  

Pulse América- Chile   provides a succinct, impartial summary of the week’s news on a country by country basis. By synthesising the Spanish, Portuguese and French language media across Latin America, country specialists print a digest of what’s happening in all countries around the globe, including Chile.

Buisness News Americas Santiago-based service provides a daily business news from Latin America with free registration. It covers business topics relevant to all countries in South and Central America Information covered includes: Telecom, Technology, Electric Power, Oil & Gas, Mining, Metals, Infrastructure, Water & Waste, Banking, Insurance, Privatization, and Petrochemicals.

Other news sources that frequently report on events and breaking news in Chile include:

BBC- Latin America British Broadcasting for Latin America frequently includes current and breaking news about Chile.

The Guardian- Chile Bureau  News posted on the British "Broadsheet" related to Chile

Topix: Chile News is a news aggregator 

NTN24 News- Latin America provides both video and news articles of events in all of Latin America

Are you still needing to know more news? Then visit this link to find all the news outlets for Latin America in many languages.


  1. Hi Donna, The Guardian is not a tabloid! Even thought like many UK papers it publishes in the smaller format these days, it's still what we would call a broadsheet.

    It used to be that all UK tabloids were half size papers and all UK broadsheets were large, but not any more. The Grauniad is definitely not a tabloid!

    Tabloids are papers like the Sun, Express, Mirror, etc.

  2. Opps =] Thanks for pointing that out.. Will correct it shortly.