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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Despedida de soltera /Bachelorette party for my daughter

Mom and the bride to be

Ahhh.. good morning... well, ok afternoon all! Yes we had a super time last night celebrating the pending nuptials of my daughter, Kristina, to her fiance, Ian Coleman!

We have been busy preparing here in Chile, where we and the couple now reside, for the wedding that will be held on the California Sonoma coast at Sea Ranch Lodge. But last night both bride and groom had a last fling as singles - or as called here in Chile, a despedida de soltera (leaving/going away from single-hood). I hosted Kristina's party at our apartment with friends.

The day started with prepping food and then scurrying off to the beauty shop to try on hair styles for that perfect look for the big day. Everyone at Veronica and Veronica's shop located in Lo Castillo in Vitacura had great fun judging the various styles- selecting "number one" as their favorite (sorry you'll just have to wait for the wedding to see what that actually was).
Veronica working her magic on Kristina's hair. Color by her daughter, Veronica Vanderwyngard as customers look on and I record the various styles.

Meanwhile back at the apartment, poor Jorge was left to man the kitchen under my direction by phone from the shop. Bless his heart- he even met up with chocolaterie to purchase the prizes and dessert for the evening's fun.

Our evening's party was definitely thematic: all things penis! We had sausages with olives, sculpted smoked turkey pâté, a sculpted cucumber as a centerpiece for the veggie dipping tray and of course games and decorations in the phallic shapes. 
Smoked turkey pâté in a bed of bean sprouts 

Turron sculpted with  gummy worms

Chiloe's tiny potatoes boiled with sausage

"Cock" tail sausages and olives on toothpicks

Cucumber stands tall and proud in the veggie plate

The whole spread

After greeting the guests in my funny glasses they were invited to write a note on a heart to Kristina wishing her well, giving her advise, or anything else they wished to say. Those were then taped to sticks and placed in a copper vase decorated with petroglyphs of ancient northern Chileans.

Aconcagua man decorates the copper vase

The girls were given cosmetic bags filled with other items for the evening, clay to be molded in a timed competition, wind-up Jolly Peckers that they individualized and raced, and whistles. Yes, I made them work for their fun including having to fill out a Marriage Mad Lib story that was read at dinner.  And of course we had the pin the macho on the man!

Game table awaits. Can you tell I use to be a teacher? And we discovered what an adverb is too!

Kristina made a bull's eye!

The winner!

Prizes for the winners included chocolate penises and statues of El Indio Pícaro (teaser Indian), a Chilean traditional wooden statuette of a Mapuche Indian with a broad smile that, when lifted shows a erected penis. 

Indio Pícaro

Bouquet of good wishes, Indio Pícaro, and Jolly Peckers all in a row

After games, goodies, and presents we were all whisked off on the PartyBus in which we danced and were entertained by a male stripper.

We dined on more meat - 

Chilean asado- barbecue of chicken, pork and beef 

Toasting a wonderful time with the Santiago skyline as our view
We ended the evening at Club Chocolate dancing the night away! We had so much fun that we asked the PartyBus to give us an extra hour before it took us all to our homes at 3:00AM.

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